Snowbird RV campers are getting ready to take to the interstate, now more than ever. It’s been an unpredictable 2020, but here are some quick tips to make your snowbird camping trip worth every mile!

1. Location Is Everything

When hitting the road and heading south for the winter, you’ll quickly find that the best campgrounds for snowbird camping tend to be the spots that are “close to everything”. The most popular spots for snowbird RV camping will be the resorts that are close to major interstates, allowing not only easy arrival and exit, but also letting you quickly and efficiently see the surrounding sights and entertainment.

Local amenities near Fireside RV Resort in Robert, Louisiana:

2. The Right Resort For The Right Lifestyle

Many RV snowbird travelers enjoy the serene desert landscapes of Arizona, the Grand Canyon, maybe even Las Vegas. Being able to camp and hike in the desert areas during winter months is a great way to experience the opposite extreme from the snowy states up north.

Some campers are looking for a getaway with a little more energy, and will opt for the beaches of Florida where they can still enjoy a small bit of the summer vibe even during winter. Those who want to experience it all can travel along the southern coast, following Interstate 12 and stopping at campgrounds along the way in Louisiana, Texas, and beyond. Either find one style of resort that fits your personality, or see it all and map out your stops along the interstate!

3. Have Two Call Phone Carriers

Take it from someone who has traveled the country extensively, you will absolutely need a backup cell carrier if you want to be 100% safe during your travels! Basic cell phone plans are fairly affordable these days – the ideal snowbird traveling setup is to have one phone plan with a cell carrier like Verizon, and another phone with a separate carrier such as AT&T.

This should be set up well in advance of your travels, and can really make a big difference when traveling through barren areas where one carrier may have no reception, and the other does. If you have RV troubles on the road, you don’t want to be stranded with no way to call for help!

4. Consider Online/Automatic Bill Pay!

When you’re on a long RV road trip, sometimes bills can get forgotten. It can be so easy to get into the habit of paying bills each month that you may not even realize that something will be due during the period that you’re out snowbirding. Cell phone bill, electric bill, credit card statements, rent, mortgage… you may be without internet for periods of time while on the road, so you may want to arrange ahead of time for these to be paid automatically.

5. Check Healthcare & Insurance Coverage

No one even plans to get sick or injured while on an RV camping trip. But for those unexpected moments, you don’t want to be caught going to the wrong doctor or nearby hospital that doesn’t accept your insurance. Research ahead of time where the hospitals, medical facilities, and pharmacies will be near where you’re staying, and make sure you’ll be near a place that will accept your coverage. Always check where the nearest Walgreens or CVS pharmacies will be so you can refill any prescriptions you need while on the road!